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Mount Vesuvius Tour

Vesuvius is one of the three volcanoes in Italy and the only one that is still active. Vesuvius is the volcano best known for its eruption that let to burying and destruction of the Roman city of Pompeii. At the time of eruption Pompeii was one of the major commercial ports and the first to be excavated. The famous sites here that are worth visiting are Roman basilica, gardens, hotels, and amphitheatre. Pompeii is one of the most famous archeological sites here that speak of the beautiful monuments and the way people used to live at that point of time.

When here at Mt. Vesuvius, you will get to see inside the crater which is done by purchasing a ticket for the same. You can go up to 200 meters inside the summit. You can have refreshments here and also do know that it will be cooler there especially when it is cloudy. The restoration has preserved much of the city that was done way back in 1748. With us at Rome holidays limousines we will make sure that you do not find any problems with the travel and endeavor to provide safe and relaxing journey to the passengers. This is one of the most outstanding trips that will give a pleasurable experience.