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This is a tour that takes you to three different places. It initializes with Pompeii which is the most visited archeological site in Rome. You will be seeing the ruins of this ancient city. Your private expert guide will take in a walking tour around the "ruins" to visit the interiors of the homes of Pompeii's citizens and the ancient streets. Some of the most famous sites here are: the Forum that was the centre of religious and economic life; the Casa Del Fauno, one of the largest and most impressive private residences in Pompeii.

After walking in Pompeii, the next stop is Sorrento; the magical land of sirens is famous for its beautiful costal scenery. You will enjoy the beauty of this place which is mesmerizing.

After this you will be exploring the island of Capri, known as the Pearl of Mediterranean. Here you can visit the Garden of Augustus, a well-kept garden with unsurpassed view. Then the most amazing, the isle of Capri called Anacapri, here is well worth a stop to visit Villa San Michele that was the dream home of the Swedish physician, Axel Munthe. This is one of the awesome shore tours that will leave you spellbound.