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Florence Major Highlights

This 8 hours tour starts from your hotel, after a short driving we'll be in Florence downtown the arts capital founded by Julio Cesar. Florence situated on both banks of the Arno River enriched by the Medici Family during the middle age has almost never changed. The Old Bridge "Ponte Vecchio" by Vasari built to connect Palazzo Signoria and Palazzo Pitti is now full of jewellery's shops one next to the other. The life revolve around the Duomo where is located the Giotto's tower and the Baptistry . The unforgettable sensations is like if you return back in the middle age. Walking by the narrow streets full of pretty shops you can also relive the unforgettable sensations of the medieval Florence and the legacy of the Medici family.


On request we can also provide the reservations to the Accademia gallery and the Uffizi gallery. It is also possible to drive to the outlet which is one of the most beautiful in Italy. (Gucci, Prada, Cavalli, Fendi, etc….)